“I am the mum of a year 6 girl and I want to say about how much we love Theatre Works. My daughter has always had a creative side and part of that is also not to like being told what to do; and as a consequence she is often put off attending after school clubs. Theatre works is different. Jo engages with my daughter in a way that enthuses and inspires her creativity. She shows belief in her with her praise and role choices in plays. She encourages her to expand her possibilities and potential by keeping her involved and included in the process. She creates a place where these young people feel safe to explore, laugh at themselves, be open, have fun and learn. Schools gear students towards outcomes and results. Theatre works gears children towards learning. I cannot recommend Theatre Works and Jo highly enough. Thank you.”
— Shauna, Mother of Caoimhe aged 11 years.

“Best decision to sign my two up to Theatre Works. Not only do they love it, but it boosts their confidence and brings out the best in them. They love working with Jo and their group, and never want to miss a class!”
— Victoria, mother of Freya and Jay aged 11 and 8 years.

“Both of my children love this theatre club. Jo makes every child feel special. They play drama games that are great for increasing confidence, and every year they put on a fantastic show. Last year’s Matilda was an incredible production held in the theatre at Cleves school.”
— Jo Mum to William and Ted aged 11 and 8 years

“Nancy loves going to Theatre works. Jo always makes her feel so welcome and special. Every child is made to feel that way. She comes home singing and dancing and eager to learn the words from the new songs. Loves every second. Brings out the best in her. Thank you Jo.”
— Mary mother to Nancy aged 6 years.

My daughter has been attending Theatre Works for 2 years now and absolutely loves it! Jo makes sure it’s a fun and relaxed environment and my daughter really looks forward to the class each week. Jo always makes sure everyone is included and the whole class work as a team. Highly recommended!
— Michelle Mum to Eloise age 8 years

“Jo, you’re amazing and I don’t know how you do it. Coordinating all these groups of children, getting the most out of them and giving them bags of confidence to take them through life. Jake absolutely loves your classes and just wants to keep coming back. Thank you!”
— Sonia Mum to Jake aged 8 years

“Excellent classes for children all abilities. A brilliant way for children to be involved in drama as a way of developing their confidence. Jo ensures that all children are fully integrated into the group and that they are given roles in the plays which really promote their individual needs.”
— Hayley Mum of boys aged 9 and 11 years.

“Great class where children can learn all aspects of theatre. Jo really nurtures the children’s talents and my daughter grew in confidence. Highly recommend.”
— Emma Mum of Evie age 11 years

“Brilliant, my daughter has been doing Jo’s classes for nearly 4 years and has loved every minute. It’s given her the chance to try different things.”
— Helen Mum to Keira aged 12 years

“My two girls have loved this class for years - it’s a great combination of fun, technique, behind-the-scenes knowledge and confidence building. Jo is a fabulous mentor and keeps the classes very interactive. Highly recommend it.”
— Jen Mum to Martha and Isla aged 11 and 9 years

“My son has been attended Theatre Works drama classes for the past 3 years. In this time he has grown in confidence and now has a passion for the performing arts. Jo is a fantastic teacher, working with the children and inspiring them in their own belief that they can reach their full potential and shine. Outstanding shows with brilliant team work from all of the children involved.”
— Jane Mother of Freddie aged 12 years